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Shipping & Delivery Policy


All orders placed on our platform is dispatched through us from our warehouse. Orders shall be placed for delivery through our authorised delivery or a logistical partner providing services in your city, state. All orders placed shall additionally include delivery charges based on the location to which the delivery shall be undertaken. Delivery charges shall be charged unless and until the Company expressly waives off at its discretion.

The minimum time required for dispatch shall be 48 hours from the order being received by the company and the maximum duration for delivery shall be 5-10 working days from the date of dispatch.

  1. Estimated Delivery Time

Shipping Timelines:

For orders which are placed by the Customer during the purchase of the Product, the same shall be delivered to the Customer within 5-10 days from the date of dispatch as mentioned in the invoice generated by the Company.

  1. Mode of Delivery

Note: All delivery orders are subject to governmental restrictions, weather conditions and such other events that may not be in the control of the Company. The Company shall not undertake any refund for the products that may have delivery delay due to any of the abovementioned conditions.

You will be notified of the delivery details and you shall be able to trace the package delivery either on our platform upon signing in or on the logistical partner’s platform for which you shall be provided with a reference or tracking details from the Company.

All the tracking details shall be SMSed as well as Emailed to your Registered Mobile Number and Email Id provided by you on registering on our platform. Make sure you have access to these details upon placing the order.

  1. Delivery Charges

All order placed on our platform shall be inclusive of additional delivery charge on your final invoice that will be generated. A Delivery Charge may be charged by default for the delivery of your product. In a situation where the delivery charges are exceeding, you shall be notified regarding the same and your delivery of the product shall be commenced based on your confirmation.

If the delivery is incomplete or the delivery has not been undertaken, then the User may raise a complaint on our Customer support email Id provided on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We may investigate into the issue and then proceed with a refund at the earliest in case of a discrepancy in providing services to you.

The order is considered delivered when the user has received the package from the Firm and the user cannot return the product to the delivery executive and we are not responsible for any such returns undertaken by the User.

  1. Cash on Delivery

The users shall be eligible to pay Cash on Delivery to the delivery partner who shall deliver the product to the user. The delivery charges shall be included on the final invoice payment for Cash on Delivery. The delivery will be considered complete only upon the user furnishing the payment and the delivery partner registering the same on record. The cash on delivery feature shall be provided at the discretion of the Company and the platform and the Company may choose to withdraw the same at any given point without any notice to the User.