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Why does your skin needs to be hydrated?

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Skin dullness is often the first sign of a dehydrated skin. We all want that wonderful natural glow that comes from within. If you’re wondering why your skin doesn’t look nourished and healthy, it might be time to start taking your daily skin hydration seriously.  

Before we jump into answering the most common skincare related worry - ‘How to hydrate skin properly? Let’s first understand what skin hydration is and why your skin needs it?   

Why does your skin need to be hydrated? 

Have you ever gone without water for too long and experienced the stress of dehydration on your body? Well, as a matter of explanation, for the human body, sufficient hydration is needed to perform vital survival functions.  

Most people can survive without water for just about a maximum of three days. This is useful if you take into consideration that the human body is made up by nearly 70% water. Thus, your skin needs to be hydrated too, to achieve an optimum health status.    

Here's why your skin needs to be hydrated just like the rest of your body: 

  1. Enhances your skin's elasticity

Elasticity lets your skin battle ageing and remain young. When your skin is elastic, it is less susceptible to wrinkles and rigidity. Unfortunately, when you get older, collagen synthesis inevitably slows down, one of the main causes for reduced skin elasticity.  

Because water is one of the essential constituents of collagen, it is vital to drink enough every day to achieve a younger look. The use of high-quality moisturizing products for skin care will also help to restore your skin to its youthful beauty.   

  1. Toxin-Flush

Were you aware of toxins regularly attacking your body? Perhaps, the worst culprit for this exposure is the hardest to avoid: the air that you breathe daily. Both indoors and outdoors, there are many toxins that can adversely affect your skin's health and assist in the production of free radicals in your body.   

  1. Get a Natural, Radiant Glow 

Have you ever walked down a gravel path consisting of remarkable gaps and cracks? When humidity is gone for far too long, your face appears to develop a similar look. Furthermore, dry skin may also appear papery, discolored and wrinkled, while hydrated skin is normally healthy-looking and glowing.  

You must hydrate yourself from within to see your skin glow. However, don't expect success immediately. At least a few weeks before you encounter any apparent change you should intend on drinking eight glasses or more of water per day.    

  1. Reduce the production of excess oil

If you have dry skin, it might be your first instinct to keep away from moisturizing skin care products. You may assume that you need lesser moisturization since your skin damage is not visible.  

Nothing may in fact be farther from the truth. Inadequate hydration may cause your skin to generate much more oil to compensate for the abnormal levels of dryness.  

You may observe your skin become less sticky and oily with time as you drink the right amount of water for your body shape and weight. Drinking more water will allow your body to improve the health of your skin's oil production process.    

Benefits of skin hydration  

  1. Your face will feel tender and supple

One sure tactic to prevent skin dehydration is by maintaining adequate moisture in your epidermis to not dehydrate your skin. In any case, we don't find our face a pleasant sight when our skin is dehydrated. Thus, better hydration to the skin is really the secret to achieving a soft and bouncy skin.   

  1. Your skin will feel lighter and healthier 

Because of the piling up of dead cells in the skin, a lack of hydration often leads to the development of dull skin. Apply a shot of hydration to your skin to prevent surface dullness, with a trusted, moisturizing product.  

As you get older, you will experience more dehydration because deadening of skin cells tends to be more pronounced as we age. 

  1. Your skin will feel less oily and sticky

Dehydrated skin is the major culprit that makes our skin oily. How does this happen? When your skin is parched, it sends out a signal to your skin's glands to protect your skin by creating an additional oil layer. 

Thus, you may discover your skin getting oilier as this happens. This can be reversed by a better hydration of the skin in such a situation.    

Signs of dehydrated skin - 

  • Skin "looks" deficient in its internal moisture content. Mostly due to external influences such as extremes of temperature, surrounding environmental conditions, dehydrating diet and excessive caffeine/alcohol consumption.
  • Face displays pre-mature wrinkles
  • Baggy dark circles develop beneath your eyes
  • Frequent occurrence of inflammation and skin redness 


How to hydrate skin overnight 

You try to do whatever you can to keep your skin moisturized and smooth to slow symptoms of ageing. Sure, it's nice to drink sufficient water in a day, but you can do more to hydrate your skin. There are numerous ways by which you can achieve fresh and radiant skin overnight, quite literally. 

  • Use a good-quality moisturizer after a nighttime shower 
  • Use a hydrating face mask and leave it on overnight 
  • Wear smooth and non-irritating clothes to bed 
  • Remove all makeup with a non-drying makeup remover 
  • Ensure that your pillowcase and bed sheets are non-irritating to your skin type. 

Speaking of hydrating skin overnight, Kiaa Republiks' Green tea & Aloe Vera Clarifying Moisturiser with Argan oil is suitable to use by both men and women. It can be used overnight to repair your skin's damaged cells for achieving an impeccable and radiant glow.    

How to hydrate skin from the inside   

Dry skin (xerosis) has multiple causes and is a chronic condition. But more severe symptoms may be indicative of something dehydrating it from within. Dry skin is mostly caused by environmental factors which strip off your skin's moisture. 

Daily heat, hot baths, arid climates, alkaline soaps, all contribute more or less towards drying your skin. Fortunately, certain home remedies can be used to deal with symptoms of dry skin and to preserve its internal moisture content. Please read further to understand this in detail.   

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil carries emollient properties. Emollients essentially occupy the spaces between skin cells to provide a smooth surface. That's how the naturally occurring saturated fatty acids in coconut oil moisturize and smoothen out your skin.  

  1. Antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids

When your skin is dry, it is susceptible to quick damage by elements that harm cells faster than can be repaired by your body. According to Mayo Clinic, certain foods can enable your skin to look healthy. 

Antioxidant-rich foods mitigate toxin-induced damage and support your body to make your cells healthy. Some of such healthy “skin foods” include:  

  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots 
  • Beans 
  • Peas
  • Lens.

Food products rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as Tuna, can also help you to achieve a glossy skin. 

  1. Adjust your shower temperature

The American Academy of Dermatology states that it is often as easy to relieve your dry skin as adjusting your shower schedule. Although most people prefer to take hot showers, they can scald and burn your skin. 

Some soap brands which claim to hydrate and repair your skin may have the reverse effect. They might cause allergic reactions and bleach your skin with severe chemicals. 

Take short and warm, not hot showers with water. And search for fragrance-free soaps which are milder than most conventional soaps. 

  1. Invest in a good-quality moisturizer

Choosing a moisturizer is a must regardless of the kind of skin you have—oily, dry or both. 

You probably would want to use a dense ointment if you've got itchy or dry skin. Thinner, hydrating creams are ideal for the average skin type. Light lotions (the main ingredient of which is water) are ideal for oily skin. 

Kiaa Republiks' Vitamin C infused Glowing Skin Combo is ideal for a spectrum of skin types. This combo contains: Face Serum, Face Cream and Foaming Face Wash for Skin Repair, Detox and perennial glow 

Final Words 

Preserving your skin's health is crucial. Your skin is the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. An infection may occur when your skin is compromised by persistent itching. And even if you think your face's skin is not vulnerable, you should still add a decent moisturizer into your everyday skin care routine. 

Buying and using a good-quality moisturizer is one of the easiest ways to avoid skin outbreaks and build a safe skin barrier every day. A moisturizing sun screen is another important method to avoid skin damage and dryness every day. 

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