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Tips on how to get Frizz-Free hair this summer

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If there is one prominent thing that we dislike the most about summer season, it's the atmospheric humidity. Humidity means frizziness and that is the absolute worst. Weary of attempting to tame your hair? You are not alone.  Many people are obliged to deal with frizzy hair almost every day, and this is the least of the stressful (and almost inexhaustible) fighting.  

You should know what could be the best reason for this, though, before you are able to arm yourself against your own hair's arch nemesis (that is, unwelcome frizz) We've compiled reasons for your frizzy hair in this article, with useful advice on hair care for smooth, well-defined hair. 

Scroll further below and you will eventually discover the best range of hair care products to tame frizzy hair. 

What causes frizzy hair? 

Humidity is one of the main reasons for frizz 

It's vital to know what is the underlying cause before we get into the details of knowing what makes your hair appear frizzy. The loss of moisture in your hair is responsible for its frizz. This encourages hair to search for moisture in the air surrounding it. And this atmospheric moisture worsens the situation. Besides the weather and the hair's lack of moisture, other factors can also make your hair more susceptible to frizz. There are many reasons for this. We went on and mentioned some of them below. 

  1. Your shower's water temperature is all jacked up
  2. Using hot hair styling tools for your hair everyday
  3. Washing your hair everyday
  4. When your hair's ends are damaged
  5. Drying your hair using a rough towel

Dry hair can be caused by other factors, including: 

  • Deficits in nutrition 
  • Excessive exposure to the sun's harsh rays 
  • Contact with chlorine water   
  • The usage of excessive styling tools and equipment 

Tips on how to get rid of frizzy hair 

Dry hair does not absorb and preserve enough humidity to maintain its luminosity and texture for a glossy and hyperfine appearance. Though it may seem unhealthy, it is most often doubtful that it would be an internal health issue making your hair frizzy. 

Anything that dries hair out will exacerbate your frizz. This covers alkaline shampoos and alcohol-containing products such as styling gels. The heat styling tools also dry out your hair, leading to more frizz. 

If you want to obtain glossier locks, home remedies can restore humidity to minimize friction. The advantage is that higher moisture will also enhance the health of your hair. 

Whatever concoction you use to get rid of the frizz, make sure it contains the following:  

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar's inherent acetic acid content is close to the pH level of human hair. Using a product containing this super ingredient contributes to the maintenance of perfect scalp acidity, leaving it with a healthy shine as an added benefit. When the hair has been shampooed and rinsed off thoroughly, pour some considerable apple cider vinegar and let it rest for 30 seconds before rinsing – with cold water for the best results. Set your hair like you would usually. You can also dilute the vinegar in some water before applying it to your hair. 

  • Argan oil 

Argan oils packed with oleic acid and linoleic acid, are rich in hydrating substances. It has antioxidants such as vitamin E as well. Many long-time argan oil users consider that the oil helps in hair protection from heat, for example by styling tools or the harsh sun's rays.  

  • Avocado 

Avocado is not just a yummy sandwich topping. This superfruit is filled with nutritional ingredients- such as vitamins and minerals- that will improve your hair beyond imagination. 

  • Onion oil 

Onion oil is high in sulfur, and thus prevents breakage, splitting and thinning of your precious mane. Additional nutrients present in the onion oil resists hair oxidation. It also preserves the hair's daily pH, avoiding early graying. 

  • Black seed 

Black cumin, or nigella sativa, is more commonly called black seed. It contains high thymoquinone content, a potent antihistamine. black seed oil is believed to spontaneously restore hair development in thinning areas. It is not as thick as other natural oils and has additional medicinal advantages too. 

Products that can help 

You can either make or break your frizz by the hair care products that you choose and buy. Try searching for hair-care products with good ingredients, and skip products containing alcohol or strong cleansers, like sodium lauryl sulphate. 

You need not go far to search for such products, Kiaa Republiks' has already taken the onus to offer the most eclectic range of hair products out there. The natural blend of oils and ingredients (all mentioned above) in each of its products ensures the growth of frizz-free, strong and ultra-long hair.  


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan Oil Shampoo for Healthy, Smooth & Shiny Hair: It also reduces split ends, eliminates frizz and deeply nourishes dry hair from the roots.
  2. Red Onion & Keratin Shampoo with Black Seed: To ensure Frizz-Free, and strong hair resistant to recurring dandruff  
  1. Red Onion Black Seed & Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner for Frizz-Free, Strong & Shiny Hair. It also promotes Hair Growth and reduces dandruff.  
  2. Onion & Black Seed Hair Oil for Healthy, Strong & Shiny Hair 


Your frizzy hair is actually dry hair attempting to nab moisture from the surrounding air. You can minimize this frizz by either using proven home remedies formulated for this very reason. You can also use certain well-researched products that will help you in the long-run, such as those mentioned above. 

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