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How to take care of your skin & hair this Holi?

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Holi is the most dynamic and colorful festival in the world without any doubt. While it was historically celebrated with dry gulal and buckets of water, today it has sadly been invaded by synthetic colors. That affects not only your skin, hair, and eyes temporarily but can also endanger your long-term skin and hair health. This is why you must employ a little precaution to enjoy the festival to the fullest. 

Sourcing the best tips for Holi skin and hair care from leading dermatologists, we shall walk you through each step you must undertake before stepping out to play Holi. 

Here’s how to protect hair and skin from Holi colors: 

  What should you apply to your face before Holi? Peek below to get an idea: 

  1. Ice cubes: Massage your face with ice cubes for about 10 minutes before adding anything, since they will help cover the exposed pores. Use organic oil or sunscreen until this is finished. That shall withhold acne off the field.  
  2. Almond Oil: Almond Oil could do your skin some unimagined wonders. You should first add almond oil to the whole body prior to playing Holi. After all, the ultimate source of vitamin E is our good, old almond oil. It nourishes the skin and serves to shield the skin from potentially harmful colors. Besides that, colors can also be avoided from adhering to your skin, thereby damaging it. 
  3. Sunscreen: The chance of tanning rises due to prolonged exposure to the skin. To prevent tanning, apply a water-resistant sunscreen hydration system and protect your face. 
  4. Coconut oil: A day before Holi, it's always best to wash your hair. Afterwards, you can put a coconut oil coating on your hair and roots so that it does not get dried and frizzy due to the Holi colors. 
  5. Petroleum Jelly: Do not use standard lip balm as it is structurally dense and it cannot function for a longer period of time. On the other hand, ensure that you use petroleum jelly on your lips in its place. In addition, petroleum jelly can be applied on your neck, back as well as fingers too. 


Some more pre-Holi skincare tips: 

  1. Nothing could beat covering most of your body to the fullest with sleeved clothes and pants as a pre-Holi precautionary measure. However, the tried and tested remedy involves using mustard oil/coconut oil/olive oil/Vaseline to be applied for the whole night before and on the day of Holi. 
  2. Use a sunscreen that is water-proof, along with a thick moisturizer.
  3. A good decision for playing Holi could be the use of herbal and natural colors like turmeric, tea leaves, henna, marigold etc., because they don't hurt your skin much.
  4. Drink plenty of water in order to replenish the hydration, as the skin tends to dehydrate when using chemical materials.
  5. Use a toner before you start playing Holi.
  6. Use a toner before you start playing Holi helps to close your skin's pores and thus reduce absorption and damage.
  7. Another tip would be to remove Gulal using dry hands instead of using water as it tends to spread more that way.
  8. A clear nail polish can treat your nails well, especially against harmful Holi colors. Never rub your skin while removing colors, and it is a better choice for the face cleanser rather than a soap.
  9. If a rash develops, wash the affected area with cold water and use calamine lotion as a moisturizer; especially if there is persistent irritation following color use.
  10. Papaya may act as a good purifier. Mix in grams flour (Besan), curd, lemon juice and a tablespoon of papaya juice to act as a natural body cleanser. 

Pre-Holi Haircare tips 

  1. Tying your hair is the perfect way to minimize color damage
  2. Before playing Holi, use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum. It defends the hair from color-related effects of heat and dryness.
  3. With colorful chemical products, your scalp may get dry and itchy. You can prevent that by using coconut oil or rosemary oil. The use of a hydrating conditioner shall take care of all your post-Holi tress stresses!
  4. To avoid dryness, a mild shampoo should be used, and lemon juice can be applied, for taking care of potential infections. Don't overuse the shampoo and in one day alone. Try to wash off the whole color as much as possible, but you can still shampoo the following day if it's not coming off.

Post Holi Skin & Hair Care Tips: 

The easiest way to eliminate colors is when they are wet, because after they have dried it gets really hard to remove them. Take a shower as soon as you get home. To get rid of the colors, use a gentle face wash and body wash along with a loofah.  

To rinse off colors from your hair, use a clarifying shampoo. Use a conditioner along your hair's length after the shampoo will be even more beneficial. Let it on for some time and rinse with cool water for a few minutes.  Do not rub your skin vigorously when removing colors, as this will exacerbate skin damage. Utilize oil instead to softly remove colors. Don't forget to apply a nutritional lotion and moisturizing face cream after the shower.  

Apply Aloe Vera gel or lacto-calamine lotion as they contain anti-inflammatory qualities that can soothe your skin if it breaks out after Holi. Consult a dermatologist without further delay if the rash would not reduce in one day. Get a generic anti-allergy medicine if you generally have sensitive skin, but seek professional help if your skin irritation persists for longer.  


To protect your skin and hair during Holi, you have to follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above before and after the festival. It is always an excellent idea to use petals of flowers and fewer artificial colors for playing Holi. Using natural colors like haldi, beetroot juice and organic gulal can act as good replacements. 

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