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Beard Grooming Tips: How to maintain a good-looking beard

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So, gentlemen are you new to the world of beards and you want to know the essentials to maintain your beard on a daily basis? Are you wondering how to make sure that it grows in a healthy and robust way while avoiding the tightness of the skin and other inconveniences? 

Are you already an experienced bearded man and you want to improve your skills by discovering the tips of the best barbers? 

Relax and save these few lines, your beard will thank you for it. 


Are you wondering how to maintain your hair well on a daily basis, gentlemen? We went to interview beard professionals to reveal all their little secrets to you. 

Indeed, the fact of being the official supplier of French barbers allows us to have a privileged place to observe the problems they encounter and make you benefit from the solutions and tips they find.  

A wealth that we want to share with all gentlemen.  

You can also find the same products as in the Kiaa Republiks. 

Personalized tips for each type of beard! 

Whether you have a 3-day-old or a 30cm beard, what you need to remember is that it looks good! Especially if you want to avoid having an itchy beard, tightness, dandruff, rough and damaged hair, a sloppy appearance... 

  • The maintenance ritual will be different depending on the length of the beard because we will meet specific needs: 
  • On a “short” beard (from 3 days to 1 month): we will try to soften the hair as much as possible while restoring tone to the epidermis. 
  • On a “long” beard (over 1 month): the ideal is to strengthen the hairs and cleanse the skin below, allowing healthy and robust regrowth. 
  • And regardless of the length, we will strive to achieve a neat and elegant appearance through contour tracing.  

Maintaining your beard is therefore essential. Now let's take a closer look at how to make it fun every day! 


Avoid tightness and itching... 

All bearded people encounter one day or another skin problem which tighten, which itch, or which peel leaving small unsexy dandruff appearing… This is a hydration problem, which can be very well treated

This is because the facial skin below the beard hair suffers and dries up. It is no longer sufficiently hydrated and causes tightness, itching and other unpleasant sensations of dryness. And this is felt very quickly! A few days without shaving is enough… so imagine the state of the face of someone who grows his beard for a few months or years if he does not take care of it! 

How to use beard wax? 

You must apply Beard & Mooch Wax for Unmanageable Facial Hair on a daily basis, you need to take the time to choose top quality products and become familiar with their ingredients.  Take a drop of wax, and warm it between the palms of your hand, or between your thumb and forefinger, so that it becomes malleable. Then apply it from top to bottom, without rubbing the beard hairs so as not to damage them.  

Bring out your own character! 

And yes gentleman, you will have understood it: a beard gives a presentation, an additional charm...enough to express his character! 

Well-groomed and shiny hair, a clean and symmetrical contour of the cheeks… the beard reflects your personality. Like a piece of clothing or an accessory, it is one of the first things people will see. An "external sign" will directly give information to others. So, it's up to you to see the image you want to send back! 

Rather well-trimmed beard? 3-day beard? Or much bushier and wilder? You can also choose to let your creativity speak for itself thanks to beard dyes: if you have a red beard, you can correct that easily by making it a little darker via colouring. 

Take good, simple, fast and effective habits! 

The basic ritual for maintaining your beard is easy to remember: moisturizing your face and nourishing the hair is the bare minimum for bearded people who want to spend as little time as possible. It takes 45 seconds every morning, all according to the rules of the art: 

  • Good hydration helps prevent the tightness and itching seen previously. Hidden under the hair, the skin is the great forgotten one of the bearded ones. 
  • Nothing could be an easier gentleman; enthusiasts have developed specific and perfectly adapted products: Beard Growth Oil with Redensyl For Thicker Beard and Mooch. 

As we have seen, following these simple steps it is possible to care for your beard like a true professional. We hope these tips have been helpful to you and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We will be delighted to assist you. See you at the Kiaa Republiks! 

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