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Benefits of using apple cider vinegar for hair 

Posted by Agadh Ventures LLP on

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a well-known health food and condiment. As the name suggests, it is made from apples utilizing a fermentation process which enriches the concoction with minerals, live cultures, as well as acids. 

ACV boasts of several applications as a potent home remedy. One of these acts as a hair-wash for strengthening hair, scalp health, while also enhancing luster. ACV is hailed as a “cure-all” or home “panacea” for hair health problems despite ongoing research on all potent benefits concerning ACV and hair care. 

For those struggling with hair issues like itchy scalp, shaft breakage or hair fall, apple cider vinegar can prove to be an amazing natural remedy to look into. 

Why use Apple Cider Vinegar for hair care? 

There are several arguments for why this great health condiment is so beneficial for your hair. 

  • pH and acidity 

Firstly, Apple Cider Vinegar — apart from having certain well-researched health benefits — is acidic in nature; since it inherently contains appreciable amount of acetic acid. Hair that appears to be frizzy, dull, or brittle, is characteristically higher on the pH scale or more alkaline. The concept is that an acidic substance, such as Apple Cider Vinegar, aids in lowering pH and restores the natural luster and volume of your hair. 

  • Antimicrobial properties

Apple Cider Vinegar is also mostly used as a disinfectant. It is believed that it helps control fungal or bacterial growth which can remove hair as well as scalp problems, thereby also removing itchiness or minor infections. 

  • Other popular claims 

Apple Cider Vinegar is known for containing minerals and vitamins such as vitamins B and C that are beneficial for your hair. Some have also claimed it contains alpha-hydroxy acid which aids in scalp exfoliation. It is also said that ACV is anti-inflammatory, which can help tackle dandruff and infections that cause it. 

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for hair care? 

It is simple and easy to make an Apple Cider Vinegar wash at home. Although not quite as nutritionally beneficial as "Kiaa Republik's Apple Cider Vinegar and Argan Oil" shampoo, this home-made remedy can work as a good, diluted substitute of the same: 

  • Mix water with a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. 
  • After washing your hair with a regular shampoo and conditioner, pour your recently concocted mixture of water and Apple Cider Vinegar evenly over your hair, working inside to your scalp. 
  • Let the mixture sit in for several minutes. 
  • Finally, rinse it with lukewarm water. 

We also recommend mixing some drops of an easily available essential oil into the mixture to overcome ACV's acidic smell, if it gets too overbearing. The smell should dissipate quickly after thorough rinsing. 

Try to incorporate this homemade Apple Cider Vinegar rinse into your weekly hair care regimen at least twice. Generally, using 5 tablespoons or less of Apple Cider Vinegar is recommended, but you can add more as per your hair's quality. Better yet, get Kiaa Republik's Apple Cider Vinegar and Argan Oil shampoo, to receive the exact benefits of a homemade ACV rinse coupled with added nutrients and minerals. 

What are the benefits of using apple cider vinegar for hair? (As per research studies) 

Apple cider vinegar’s potential properties to boost overall hair health while lowering pH hold substantial merit. A 2014 study conducted on the correlation between pH and hair health discovered that high alkalinity can lead to breakage, dryness, and hair friction. 

The study claimed that most commercially available hair care products do not address hair pH in their mix of ingredients, when they should. Furthermore, most shampoos are predominantly alkaline.  To counter this alkalinity, ACV helps balance out pH since it is an extremely acidic substance. By lowering pH while simultaneously enhancing acidity, it helps buttress strength, smoothness, and luster. 

Apple Cider Vinegar’s anti-infectious powers are also well-documented by research. It can help treat scalp issues linked with bacteria or fungus, thereby combating itchy scalp. However, research studies documenting Apple Cider Vinegar's dandruff or dry scalp treatment, are still underway. 

Kiaa Republiks Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan Oil Shampoo For Healthy, Smooth & Shiny Hair  

Kiaa Republik's 'Apple Cider Vinegar and Argan Oil Shampoo' is known to mend split ends and frizz while nourishing dry hair.  Infused with an inspired blend of farm-fresh Apple Cider Vinegar, Kiaa Republik's "Apple Cider Vinegar and Argan Oil" shampoo clarifies your tresses to enhance their natural luster. The shampoo is fine crafted to contain just the right dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar appropriate for frequent use. 


  • Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar: This rosy-hued vinegar is known to contain probiotics, nutrients and the chemical compound -acetic acid, according to UChicago 

 Essentially in Apple Cider Vinegar, the probiotic is the “progenitor” formed due to the combined reaction between bacteria as well as yeast during fermentation. Probiotics are dubbed as “good” bacteria and are also available in foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt, according to data available with the Mayo Clinic. 

  • Almond oil: This well-recognized nourishing oil is known to strengthen and soften your hair when used for the long term. It is rich in biotin, also known as vitamin B-7. Thus, almond oil helps maintain strong and healthy nails and hair. It can also act as a shield to protect hair from harmful sun damage, with its inherent SPF 5. 
  • Argan Oil:  Argan oil is generally used as a natural moisturizer for hair and skin since it is rich in fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid. These oils have been studied to lubricate your hair's shaft while helping your hair retain moisture.  

Argan oil further boasts of being rich in vitamin E, which adds a fatty layer to your scalp and hair, preventing dryness and reducing fizziness to boost shine. 

  • Pro Vitamin B5: This helps reduce moisture and aids in smoothening the cuticle of every strand. It does all this while simultaneously conditioning the scalp. It is often touted as a weightless volumizer for the obvious reason that it lifts overall hair volume, making it appear softer and fuller. 

The bottom line 

Several natural healthcare proponents as well as websites say that Apple Cider Vinegar contains exceptional health benefits that include boosting energy and treating disease. 

That said, certain research studies indicate that Apple Cider Vinegar might offer exclusive benefits. Moreover, its effects on hair health are empirically recognized. 

Apple Cider Vinegar- when used in appropriate amounts-can act as an elixir for hair health. It is also already proven to be a natural hair conditioner and a cleansing agent. 


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