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Activated Charcoal and Kaolin Clay face mask benefits

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Activated charcoal for beautiful skin is a common, odour-free black powder made from solid charcoal. Heating it at a high temperature makes it very absorbent because of the little pockets/holes formed on the surface.

Studies have shown that activated charcoal can extract toxins from the skin due to its absorbent quality. It is also used to destroy contaminants in the stomach for combating opioid poisoning and enteric toxins.

You can also make charcoal masks manually, apart from buying them from the market. In this article we shall look at activated charcoal, bentonite clay and kaolin clay face mask benefits. 

Is charcoal and clay good for your skin?

While studies into the benefits of activated charcoal/clay are still going on, some experts believe that masks prepared from these are proven to improve skin by:

  • Preventing uncleanliness. Research reveals that activated carbon can absorb contaminants, hence some makeup practitioners claim that a mask on your face can help extract impurities and dirt from it.
  • Eliminates acne breakouts. Skin oils and bacteria can accumulate sebum and block your pores, contributing to breakouts. Active charcoal can help you to remove bacteria and other contaminants from your skin if you're searching for a natural acne remedy.
  • Oil Control. If dead skin cells are eliminated and excess oil absorbed, activated charcoal may lead to a healthy glow without hampering the natural oils from your skin.

In several personal care items, including cleansers, oils, lotions, and even toothpastes, you can find activated charcoal. It is also a common facial mask ingredient. 

Benefits of kaolin clay for skin

For any skin type, kaolin clay holds several advantages. Kaolin clay and kaolin clay powder are available to produce highly safe, chemical-less skin cleansers, masks, scrubs, etc. used in combination with water or other organic ingredients. For Kaolin clay, the following are some of the most recognizable features:

  • Gentle purification of skin (excellent cleanser for people with sensitive skin)
  • Helps control oily skin
  • Pores are purified and detoxified from soil, dirt, pollutants, microbes etc.
  • Best for calming sensitive and readily irritable skin
  • Efficient treatment for regular acne
  • Removal and exfoliation of dead and rough, flaccid skin
  • Enhances elasticity of skin and postpones ageing symptoms
  • Reduction of skin irritations, including insect bites, rashes, ivy poison etc.

How to use charcoal for face mask

Online, in your nearest beauty shop or drugstore you can find different types of charcoal masks.  However, some store-bought masks can contain additives and ingredients that might not suit your skin. On the other hand, you can use some basic components to produce your own mask rather than buy one.

You will need a blending cup, a spoon for measurements, a towel and the following ingredients to get started:

  • 2 tsp water
  • 1 tsp of bentonite clay
  • 1 tsp powder of activated charcoal
  • 1/2 tsp raw honey
  • 1 drop of any essential oil

Making a charcoal mask can be very chaotic if you are not careful. Since the charcoal powder could be blown away easily, an environment away from any windy area or windows would be better to create the mask.

You should also cover surfaces with towels to avoid staining by charcoal. 

How to apply a charcoal mask

To produce the greatest effects, gently wash dirt, oils and make-up from your skin. Applying a mask on uncleansed skin will capture contaminants and impurities while keeping the mask from entering the pores.

Use the tips of your fingers to uniformly and evenly distribute the mask over your face until it is fully covered. Massage the skin softly. Alternatively, a little paintbrush or any other brush may be used to apply the mask. Keep your eyes and mouth away while applying it.   

Leave the mask to dry for fifteen minutes and then clean it with warm water. Next, apply your preferred moisturizer and wipe your skin. Try getting activated charcoal tablets to keep the mess low while preparing a mask. Instead of weighing a teaspoon of powder, you can straightaway open and apply the face mask content's blends.


A DIY charcoal mask can be worth an effort if you are trying for a natural remedy to give your skin a good glow.

Speak to your doctor or a dermatologist before using activated charcoal, if you are uncertain that it is appropriate for your face.

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