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7 Amazing Tips for Summer-ready skin

Posted by Agadh Ventures LLP on

When the weather warms up, we all want to uncover a bit more of our skin. 

Even if you're looking forward to ditching the warm overalls in favor of crop tops and skirts, we can all cop to a little sun-induced anxiety – even if we decide to bare all, would our skin be summer-ready? 

This year, you won't have to think about it; just pursue our top tips and you'll have dazzling, sun-kissed skin all summer long. 

Summer skin care routine for dry skin 

Summers hit your skin every year. The scorching sun, ozone, humidity, and other factors remove its normal radiance and, in some cases, invite infections. But fret not, here are easy-peasy strategies you should try this season to stop all of these hassles and keep your skin glowing like it should. 

  • 1) Exfoliate 

You must exfoliate your skin regularly to make it look lighter. This extracts the dead tissue, which can dull your skin tone if left unchecked. Also, you'd give your skin a new look and feel while removing toxic parabens by investing in an exfoliating scrub utilizing natural ingredients. 

Tip: Use repetitive movements to apply the exfoliating scrub throughout your face and body. Doing this at least 2 times a week will hold your skin in high quality during the season, preventing your pores from being obstructed by sun screen as well.  

  • 2) Moisturize 

An additional advantage of a successful exfoliation regimen is that the skin becomes ready for effective moisturizing. This is ideal in the summer, because your skin needs all the hydration it can get to help combat sunburns. You will add natural softness to your skin by quenching your parched skin with moisturizers, particularly after exfoliation. In addition, moisturizing the skin gives the tan removal an additional advantage.  

  • 3) Shave and Shower, correctly 

No one likes stinging sunburns, so you can mitigate the sunburn pain by constantly replacing your shaving blades. It is also a smart thing to shorten the shaving duration. You see, long shaves using steaming hot water dry the skin, you can instead use lukewarm or cool water to close the pores while soothing your skin. 

  • 4) Always protect from the sun 

You may like the summer tan, but it would be foolish to take no care against the sun's harsh UV rays.  After all, nobody feels attractive with sunburnt skin, just make sure you cover yourself well before stepping out in the sun. 

Although you might still get some sunburns despite all the preparations in the world you undertake. However, you need not suffer – add refreshing gels to calm your affected red patches of skin.  Furthermore, products that use aloe vera's natural strength appear to perform their healing quicker. 

  • 5) Facials 

Believe us, those women who always appear to have flawless skin are not blessed with a fantastic skin since birth. It takes long-term commitment on your part to flaunt apparently faultless skin all year. 

Spa's facial bookings give your skin a regular deep cleansing that unclogs the pores and removes defects. However, the dilemma is that daily visits to the spa or clinic are both time-taking and expensive. 

So, why not be a facialist on your own? 

Proper home facials not only rejuvenate your skin but also are a must if you plan on tan-removal as an element of your beauty routine.  

  • 6) Pedicure

Often you forget, but keeping your toes in top shape is critical. 

Face it, you would have stuffed your bad feet more than you should've in boots all season, but you'd just need a bit of care until they are safe from the scorching summer heat.  

Tip – File your feet's rough skin, then lather with a lotion until you sit your feet into cotton socks overnight as a perfect DIY pedicure for your feet. This is a sure-fire way to get your feet in top shape for the summer. 

  • 7) Eat and drink well 

The look of your skin reflects the way you handle your body very well. Maintaining a healthy diet can lead to better skin visibly. 

In order to preserve the necessary moisture balance for your body, aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day – it will maintain a healthy, detoxified skin. The idea to load luscious fruits and veggies which moisturize and feed your skin from within is also a good one. 

  • Consider changing your Face Wash and Face Scrub.  
  • Use a Refreshing Toner.  
  • Change Your Moisturizer. 
  • Exfoliate Routinely for Smoother Skin.  
  • Wear Sunscreen before stepping out.  
  • Include Antioxidants in Your Facial Skin Care Routine.  
  • Keep Your Skin Hydrated.  
  • Use minimal, chemicals-laden Makeup.  


Kiaa RepubliksGreen tea & Aloe Vera Clarifying Moisturizer with Argan Oil  

This dermatologically tested and revolutionary formulation by Kiaa Republiks can be used as a day & night cream by both men and women. It works overnight to repair your skin's damaged cells, and thus helps in combating ageing, treating acne as well as dry skin.  


  • Aloe Vera Juice: Moisturizing aloe vera juice has been reportedly said to contribute to a decrease in acne occurrence and appearance of red-patched, irritated skin. It may also alleviate chronic conditions of the skin, such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Aloe vera contains certain types of antioxidants and vitamins that can help to protect the skin. 
  • Argan Oil- The antioxidants and vitamin E present in argan oil help to soothe and reduce inflammation caused by acne and promote skin regeneration and healing. Applying argan oil also helps control excess oil production to prevent future acne. 
  • Green Tea: Green tea contains six distinct polyphenols with the strongest ones being Epicatechin gallate (ECG) and Epigallocatechin (EGCG). Antioxidants are compounds that are capable of fighting free radicals within the organism. Free radicals can affect your body as well as skin's, health if their levels ever get too high. Free radicals can also lead to cell damage, and many diseases, including certain types of cancer associated with it. 

Kiaa Repubiks' De-Tan & Skin Exfoliation Combo - Face Scrub, Clarifying Face Mask & Foaming Face Wash  

Soothe and detoxify your skin this summer with Kiaa Republiks face scrub and face wash. The combo guarantees tan removal, skin exfoliation and deep cleansing.  


  • Activated charcoal purifies the skin from bacteria, chemicals, grime, and grease. It also acts as an excellent exfoliator because it's a peel-off mask, which rids the skin of dead cells. The final outcome is smooth, translucent skin.  If used as a powder, these masks can penetrate deep into the pores and remove all impurities from within. 
  • Turmeric and curcumin are the most active substances in particular and have many statistically proven health benefits, such as healing properties for cardiac illness, Alzheimer's disease and cancer prevention possibilities. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant that can also help relieve depression and arthritis symptoms. 

Saffron includes an amazing array of antioxidant plant compounds – organic molecules that shield you from oxidative stress and free radicals. 

Notable antioxidants found in saffron are: crocin, crocetin, saffron and kaempferol.  

Crocin and crocetin have a red tint with carotenoid pigments. Both can induce antidepressant properties, preventing progressive damage to brain cells, increasing inflammation and lowering appetite to help lose weight. 

Parting words: Ensure that your skin shines all summer!  

To fall in love with your skin this summer, apply the top tips given above and you will not believe the wonder that follows! For even better results, use Kiaa Republiks' recommended products for long-lasting skin benefits.  

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