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5 successful hair care tips for men

Posted by Agadh Ventures LLP on

Hair that is safe and luscious does not discriminate between women and men. It is important for both to attain healthy hair as long as they are willing to apply the effort. 

After all, there isn't much of a distinction between the properties of male and female hair. Instead, the distinction is found in how men and women treat their hair. While most men like to air-dry their hair after a wash, many women place a greater focus on its overall maintenance. 

Women are more willing to use heat styling equipment, dye their hair, keep their hair long, and visit a hair salon more often to keep up with the latest trends. 

If you're a man seeking to tame maintain your mane, keep reading to know how you can take better care for your hair. This involves various hair care strategies for men for avoiding hair loss, dry scalp, and other rampant hair issues. Start with these simple hair care tips to develop a regular hair care regimen that you can stick to.   

Hair care routine for men   

Examine your motivations and expectations for growing your hair. It is a responsibility, as well as something that you will have to work with your daily schedule. You should also ensure that you have enough time for your hair care regimen, since long hair takes more time to manage than short hair. 

1. Maintain a clean scalp 

A healthy scalp is one that is thoroughly clean. If your scalp is not washed on a daily basis, its microbiota equilibrium is disrupted, as per top dermatologists' suggestions. This results in an uptick in your scalp's germ population and consequent inflammation, which ends up harming the follicles. 

Just be careful not to over-wash your hair, since this will rob it of its natural oils. The frequency at which you wash your hair every week is determined by the kind of hair and scalp type you have. 

  2. Learn more about the type of scalp you have 

Before purchasing hair products such as hair oil, shampoo, mask and conditioner, it is critical to understand the scalp type you have. 

  • Normal scalp 

If you have a normal scalp, it is an ideal condition to live with. That means that your hair is pretty low maintenance and is usually simple to handle. Furthermore, it has the appropriate amount of natural scalp oil, and you don't need to overcomplicate anything when shopping for hair care cosmetics. Your main goal is to select a product that is both moisturizing and cleansing. 

  • Oily scalp  

Nothing too difficult to understand here; if your hair often looks sticky or excessively greasy, you probably have an oily scalp. You may have already used a lot of shampoos to reduce your greasiness. However, bear in mind that shampoos labelled as moisturizing or hydrating should be avoided in Favour of those labelled as "balancing," "strengthening," or "regular clarifying." You should even lightly massage your shampoo onto your scalp to help split up extra oil build-up. 

  • Dry scalp 

A dry scalp is one that always feels dry, itchy, and infested with persistent dandruff. However, there are different levels of dry scalp, and you can buy your hair care products accordingly. A shampoo that encourages moisture and natural hydration in your scalp can improve your condition if you have mild dryness. 

If your scalp is particularly dry, search for ingredients that have extensive moisturizing capabilities, such as tea tree oil. Shampoos with the words strengthening,' 'fortifying,' or 'volumizing' on the bottle can be avoided if you suffer from a dry scalp. 

3. Wear hats carefully 

Often you really want to wear a hat, scarf, cap, or any other head cover; but don't go overboard. Tight hats may trigger hair harm and loss by pulling too tightly on the roots. If feasible, wear loose-fitting head coverings instead.  

4. Invest in the best hair care products. 

This applies to anything you use on your hair every day, from styling wax to shampoo to everything in between. Knowing the exact specifications for your hair texture — smooth, wavy, dry, curly, thin, or thick— is the perfect way to start when looking for the right hair care ingredients for you. 

5. How to tackle Male Hair Loss 

Here are some ways in which men can deal with hair thinning.    

  • Vitamin for hair loss 

Vitamins are not only beneficial for your physical wellbeing, but they are also beneficial for your hair's health. Vitamins encourage good sebum formation in your scalp, as vitamin E improves blood supply to help your hair follicles stay active, and vitamin B helps hair retain its natural shine. 

  • Proper nutrition should be added to the diet 

Eating fish, lean meats, soy, and other proteins improves hair quality and, as a result, helps to reduce hair loss. 

  • Shorten your hair 

To cover bald spots, often men suffering with thin hair tend to grow it to an appropriate length or section it differently. Shorter hairstyles, on the other hand, are much more flattering for thinning and hyperfine hair. 

This is due to the fact that long hair is heavy, resulting in less density at the roots. Short hair, on the other end, is lighter and looks better in volumized, step-designs. Men's hair seems to fall out on top, so wearing the hair on their sides helps to blend in to hide the thin areas. 

  • Wash Your Hair Occasionally  

Most men with thinning hair are fearful of washing their hair too much. Unfortunately, excessively greasy hair clumps up, allowing some of the scalp to show itself in patches. Don't worry, it's a rampant fallacy that washing your hair too much causes it to fall out! In reality, washing your hair will help it look thicker by removing the excess oil that weighs it down and gives it more thickness. 

Choose a mild shampoo that will not dry out your hair or calps, such as Kiaa Republiks' Shampoo. Its light formulation does not weigh your hair down and leaves it looking better and thicker. Follow with Kiaa Republiks' conditioner for the best performance.    

  • Attempt using dry shampoo. 

Dry shampoo is an excellent choice for men who do not have time to wash their hair daily. Dry shampoo adds texture to delicate and thin hair by removing extra fat through absorption. 

Just ensure that you brush your hair well the next time you wash it, that your dry shampoo's product build-up gets evenly spread throughout your hair's length. Else, the product on your hair will inevitably weigh it down. 

  • Massage your scalp with natural essential oils

Many men that have been suffering with hair loss for a long time should massage their scalp for a few minutes with some essential oil. It keeps their hair follicles active for long. Lavender oil can be mixed into a few drops of almond or sesame oil as a weekly massage concoction.   

Is thick hair good for guys?   

While thick hair is attractive, it can also be difficult to maintain. A full head of hair can easily transform into a grooming nightmare if you don't have the right haircut and tools to tame it under control. 

About 40% of all men are born with slightly wavy hair, and if you have it, you're in good company: Orlando Bloom, David Gandy, and Roger Federer are all well-known men who have learnt how to ride their waves well. 

Wavy hair, like curly hair, can look bulky and reacts to the surrounding atmosphere, with the hair's waviness being more noticeable in moments of high humidity or slight drizzle in the air. Excessive waviness can also spring up in places where you would rather hope they did not and get tangled and knotted if your hair is excessively long.   

The bottom line 

Hair thinning and degradation are common undesirable hair care occurrences for men. However, losing too much of your hair can be an extremely distressing feeling. 

That is why it is important to figure out which hair care product works best for you to reduce your thinning hair before it starts disrupting your life. We recommend going ahead with Kiaa Republiks’ Hair Care and Hair Growth Combo for the best results.

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